Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my clojure blog! I`ve been learning clojure for about a month and a half now, and I`m slowly jumping on the bandwagon. Being a java developer with only a modest experience, I`m not used to juicy uber-cool functional tricks, but I`m getting used to it. And I`m enjoying it!

My reasons for opening this blog are, well, quite common, but I`ll name them anyway. First, I would like to help other clojure novices like me. If anyone finds anything useful here, then all the time I spent writing wasn't for nought. On the other side, if someone smarter or more experienced (or both, of course) accidentally finds this blog and point out what I`m doing wrong in my code, then again, my writing is paying dividends. Finally, most of all I`m doing it because it`s interesting.

Later I might write about something else, but for now I`ll stick to the problems that you can find on learning sites like euler, 4clojure or koans, mostly euler. Yeah, I know, there are countless bloggers who bore people about exactly the same things, but I`m gonna do that anyway.

There is one thing I would like to say regarding euler problems. They are more about speed than elegance. Well, I`m gonna focus at the elegance. I wount neglect speed, of course.  They have "one minute rule", saying that each algorithm should be executed in one minute, and I always try to follow it, or at least to be close to that limit, but I`m not gonna go beyond that. I repeat, the focus is at the elegance.

Well, that`s all I wanted to say here. I hope I wount suck at this,

Panther Tamer

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